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Watch Gamera vs. Barugon (1966) : Full Movie Online Free Six months after Gamera's first appearance, a giant opal from New Guinea is brought back to Japan and the new monster Barugon is born. The creature attacks the city of Osaka by emitting a rainbow ray from his back, along with a freezing spray from its mouth, and only a fire-breathing turtle can save the day.

Release Date:Apr 17, 1966
Genres:, , , ,
Casts:Kōjirō Hongō, Kyōko Enami, Yûzô Hayakawa, Takuya Fujioka, Kōji Fujiyama, Akira Natsuki, Yoshirô Kitahara, Ichirô Sugai, Bontarō Miake, Jutarô Hojo, Kazuko Wakamatsu
Plot Keywords:japan, helicopter, monster, cave, turtle, sequel, dam, giant monster, tokusatsu, quicksand, tropical island, scorpion, kaiju, gamera, giant turtle, treasure hunting

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